April 6, 2019

| April 6, 2019

Hello All,

Thank you to those of you who have informed sangha members in your district/temple of our invitation to add new members to our Archives and Historic Preservation Committee.  We have drafted a list of our current goals/projects: 

  • Network with other temples and individuals in districts throughout BCA.
  • Encourage individual temples to establish/expand their own archival collections.
  • Assist temples in contacting UCLA if they are unable to maintain their artifacts and are considering donating to the BCA Collection at UCLA.
  • Revise committee charter to reflect relationship with UCLA.
  • Collaborate with UCLA to develop usage of materials within BCA Collection.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance in sharing this information and directing interested persons to contact us.

In gassho,
Sandy Saeki, co-chairperson with Eiko Masuyama
E: saeki@ca.rr.com
C: 310-612-6219
H: 310-641-7307