Archival Resources

Below are some resources that may be helpful in starting an archival project at your temple.

JANM Archival Seminar

Jaime Henricks, BCA Archivist at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM), gave a seminar on how to get started in performing an archival project at your temple. Recorded at the Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple on July 24, 2017.

JANM Archival Seminar
JANM Archival Seminar

Here is a handout that was distributed at the seminar: Handout

Online Documentation

Insuring the Future of Our Past, by Boyd Cathey (2003)

Principles and Practice: An Introduction to Archives for Non-Archivists, UK National Archives (2016)

Collection Development Tools and Guidance, UK National Archives (2011)

Transfer of BCA Archives to UCLA

Transfer of the BCA archives to UCLA

Story behind the transfer of the BCA Archives to UCLA in 2018. Recorded during a visit by the BCA Archive committee to UCLA during February 2019.

Updates from BCA Archives and Historic Preservation Committee

May 2021 – Guidelines and Recommendations for Donations

The BCA Archives-Historic Preservation Committee has developed two guideline documents to assist i) BCA staff and ii) affiliated organizations, temples/churches and individuals in selecting and preparing materials for donation to the UCLA Library’s BCA Collection. Submit list of potential donations to BCA Archives-Historic Preservation Committee, in care of Sandy Saeki at

Donation Guidelines For BCA Staff

Donation Recommendations For Temples, Affiliated Organizations And Individuals

January 2021 – Grant Application

Here are the cover letter and application for the BCA Archives & Historic Preservation Committee grants.

Cover Letter

Grant Application