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List of Japanese Events

Japanese City Web Site – Arts, Food, Entertainment and Culture

Buddhist Churches of America


BCA Youth Advocacy

Institute of Buddhist Studies

Links to online videos and podcasts on Jodo Shinshu Buddhism from the BCA Center for Buddhist Education, including BDK’s “Buddhist Way of Life” Dharma TV, Virtual Shin at, and more: Resources


Hongwanji Place
(Buddhist Books, Religious Articles, and Gifts)

Temples served by our ministers

Arizona (Rev. Masuoka)
Fresno (Rinban Miyaji, Rev. Iwohara)
Gardena (Rinban Miyaji)
Midwest Buddhist Temple (Rev. Fujimura)
Nishi Hongwanji (Rinban Masuoka, Rinban Mohri, Rinban Matsubayashi, Rinban Miyaji)
Buddhist Church of Ogden (Rev. Miyaji)
Pasadena Buddhist Church (Rev. Mohri)
Buddhist Temple of Salinas (Rev. Fujimura)
Buddhist Church of Santa Barbara (Rev. Miyaji)
Seattle (Rev. Iwohara)
Buddhist Church of Stockton (Rev. Masuoka)
Tacoma (Rev. Mohri)
Vista (Rev. Iwohara)
West Los Angeles Buddhist Church (Rev. Fujimura)

Other BCA Temples

Orange County Buddhist Church