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| October 13, 2011

Every year in the month of November the Venice Hongwanji holds its annual Eitaikyo service. This service is also often called the Muen Hoyo (無縁法要). Although the first phrase “Muen” can be translated to mean “without condition” or “without connection,” it is used to refer to those people who no longer have living relatives. The… Read More »

A Brief Report on Volunteer Activities in Japan, August 2011

| September 2, 2011

The Tohoku Disaster Volunteer Center is located at the Sendai Betsuin. Volunteer activities begin with a brief orientation at 5:00p.m. which includes a tour of the facilities. Classrooms for the now unused pre-school serve as the sleeping quarters. Because the Volunteer Center is a converted pre-school, all the furniture and accommodations are too small. There… Read More »