Dharma School

A video created by the 7th Grade Dharma School class in 2010:

Good Attendance Award

Objective: To attend Venice Hongwanji Dharma School with three (3) absences or less each school year, September to August.

Dharma School (DS) teachers will take attendance each DS class session. (Refer to the official DS School calendar for class session days.)

If a DS student is absent for a DS class, they may make it up (up to three missing attendances) by contacting their DS teacher and completing missing assignments.

“Extra credit” will be given to students who attend special services (Obon service, Joya-e, etc.) when there is no official class session that same day. This “extra credit” can be used to make up a missed day of DS.

Students who miss DS at Venice Hongwanji but attend DS at another temple that same day can get their absence excused with documentation from the other temple.

Good attendance awards will be presented each year at the annual Oseibo Taikai Service.

Calendar Of Events

Please see the Temple Calendar for the most up to date Dharma School happenings!

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