The Venice Jr. YBA (Young Buddhists Association) is the temple’s high school youth group, 9th graders through the 1st year of college or 19 years of age in September. They participate in religious, athletic, and social activities within our own temple as well as the other Southern District Buddhist Temples.

The Jr. YBA members support the activities of the temple and its organizations by participating in activities such as Mochi tsuki, Shinnen Enkai, and the Obon Festival. They also support the Temple by periodically serving as Service chairperson and support the community by selling their delicious “Okinawa Dango” at the Venice Japanese Community Center Festival in June.

Membership Information

Dues are $10.00 per year and a parental consent form is required. Dues must be paid by January 15th to be eligible to participate in any athletic event. The Venice Jr. YBA is a group that offers great leadership development, religious guidance, and a lot of fun!


The Venice Jr. YBA has several fundraisers every year to help cover the costs of attending the Southern District Jr. YBL Conference in September. The major fundraisers are the dango booths at both the VJCC Festival & the VHBT Obon Festival.

The Venice Jr. YBA members participate in Southern District Jr. YBL activities throughout the year. The religious activities consist of three religious based seminars at various Southern District Temples. A leadership seminar is also offered. The members participate in athletic activities that include competitive volleyball and basketball tournaments. Many of the Jr. YBA parents still remember those temple rivalries! The social activities include Jam Session and dances. There is usually a dance after each religious seminar and conference.

Jr. YBA Volunteers to Clean VJAMM

Jr. YBA Volunteers to Clean VJAMM