2018 ABA Board

ABA (Adult Buddhist Association) is the largest organization of our temple. The group’s basic function is to follow the Dharma teachings and raise funds for the temple. ABA works hand-in-hand with the other organizations to help maintain church operations. The group organizes fundraisers, provides luncheons for services such as the Hatsubon service, and provides the volunteer efforts to assist in church functions.


ABA started, interestingly enough, as a baseball team.

Membership Information

Camaraderie is apparent throughout the organization because ABA’s members strive towards a common goal — following the Dharma teachings and supporting the temple. Since there is no age limit for ABA membership, any adult wanting to help support the church can join.


The main ABA fundraising events include Steak dinner, Country-Style breakfast, Obon Carnival, Venice Japanese Community Center Festival, an Appreciation Dinner for temple members, and Mochitsuki where ABA sets up the equipment and provides workers.