| July 18, 2011

I would like to congratulate you all on a very successful Obon festival for 2011.

Amid the banter of worry about “Carmageddon”, concerns of rising permit costs, chickens too big/too small, not enough chairs and swirling winds blowing out the pilot lights…….we got through the weekend with perfect marks for inspections, sold out wontons, yelling and screaming around the Doughball and just a fantastic opening and entrance of the odori dancers. Fantastic! It was all fantastic!

In all respects it was what Obon should be. Each of you, your families, your friends, our neighbors of the community and the sense of remembrance who have passed looking upon our greetings.

Thank you all for all of the great things that happened this weekend and the spirit with which we have celebrated those who have passed on.

Rest for now. We would appreciate your support to put it all away, tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7:00pm accompanied by a yummy dinner.

In Gassho,
Dale Noriyuki