Obon 2012

| July 14, 2012

“Obon is an event, and a time when we take a moment to consider what it means for death to be a part of life. Each of the wind chimes we have around the yagura represents a person who was able to attend last year’s Obon, but is now no longer able to.

“We reflect on death to consider how we can best live our lives knowing that we will not live forever. We can, for example, chose to live our lives in fear and hate, or we can chose to live in friendship and joy.

“Hopefully, as we gather at the temple we are learning how to replace the fear and hate that sometimes resides in our hearts with the heart that can reach out in friendship and the heart that can experience the joy of what it means to share our lives knowing just how precious this moment we have really is.”

Obon Greeting, July 14, 2012, Rev. John Iwohara

Photos courtesy of Joe Belli, Dale Noriyuki, and Ron Gee

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