Southern District Hoonko Service

| December 8, 2012

A Southern District Gathering

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Los Angeles Hongwanji Betsuin
815 E First St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

An all-day gathering of the 15 Southern District temple sanghas for a day of:

  1. 10:00am – Combined Shinran Shonin Hoonko Memorial Service
    A traditional service with the chanting of the Shoshinge and Wasan – formal style (gyofu)


    Youth Rev. Kazuaki Nakata (LA Betsuin)
    English Rev. Tetsuo Unno
    Japanese Rev. George Matsubayashi
  2. 11:30am – Lunch, on your own in Little Toyko
    Support one of the three remaining Nihonmachi in the US. Bento orders taken on request and made available at the Betsuin Kaikan.

  3. 1:30pm – Arpana/Kinnara dance Concert
    In December of 2011, the Kinnara Taiko & Gagaku group joined with the Arpana Dance Company to give three Tsunami Relief Benefit concerts in Hiroshima, Kure, and Nara, Japan. Sponsored by three Jodoshinshu temples in Japan, the company was able to raise approximately $20,000. Both Kinara and Arpana are made up of 2nd and 3rd generation Japanese-Americans and Indian-Americans, who share a common interest in their own traditional culture. The afternoon concert will mainly feature the Arpana Dance Company, a dance tradition from South India called Bharata Natyam and a collaborative piece with Kinnara Taiko. It is an opportunity to see another Asian tradition significantly different from Western traditions and how it adapts to Western cultures. The concert is free to the sangha and is approximately 1.5 hours.

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