Streams of Light

| January 3, 2013

Streams of Light Trailer

Dear Friends,


Sunday, March 24
4:00 PM

Jodo Shinshu Center
2140 Durant Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704

Open to the public.
Ticket information TBA

Special BCA

Friday, March 1
8:30 PM

For BCA National Council,
Meeting Delegates,

Not open to the public.
Ticket information TBA

On behalf of Rev. Sugao and Ebisu Filmes, the BCA Center for Buddhist Education (CBE) would like to invite you to be part of a historic project to share many of our BCA stories on the big screen. Donations are still being raised to complete the film in time for its February premiere. Please read on for how you can help this unique effort.

“Streams of Light – Shin Buddhism in America” will feature interviews with a number of BCA ministers and community members in a quest to understand the process and transformation of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism from a religion mainly practiced by the Japanese American community to a world religion.

This is a very special project that will remind us of the inspiring Jodo Shinshu pioneers in America, through archival photos, movies and interviews with BCA members who remember that era.

CBE is assisting the project since we believe that we need creative educational tools such as this to share and more fully appreciate our legacy.

Interested in seeing this project on the big screen? You can help by sharing these links, encouraging your family and friends to do the same and consider donating.

Visit Share the trailer, photo gallery and donation link.

Completion funds being raised online – The film is conducting an online, time-limited fundraising drive using See link above.

BCA CBE is assisting in the fundraising effort by accepting tax-deductible donations restricted for this project.

Your help on sharing this news is appreciated. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Yumi Hatta at

CBE Staff

P.S. Online donations must be received by Feb. 3rd (website closes). Check out an attractive range of thank you gifts including the DVD, Blu-Ray and more.

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