Greetings to the Venice Hongwanji Sangha!

| September 10, 2015

Rev Kory Quon

Rev Kory Quon

Hello, my name is Reverend Kory Quon. As of August 1, 2015, I have been appointed by Bishop Kodo Umezu as the resident minister of the Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, VHBT. I would like to thank you for welcoming my family and me to your beautiful temple. I know that the VHBT is the perfect place to learn from its members, and to foster long lasting relationships. My wife and I envision the temple as our home and know that there are many loving Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins for our son Derek, and future daughter to grow up with.

As for my ministerial goals for the future, they are simple: to continue to promote the Nembutsu Teaching, and to install the feeling of the temple as a home where all can be accepted as family. I look forward to continuing the traditions and rituals that have given this temple its reputation and history as a warm family friendly environment. I am excited to work with each of you to bring the words Namo Amida Butsu to those who are ready to just entrust. Again, Thank You.

In Gratitude and Appreciation…

Rev. Kory Quon