Mochi Tsuki 2016

| October 29, 2016

It’s Mochi Tsuki Time!

2015 Mochi TsukiThe 51st Annual Venice Hongwanji A.B.A. Mochi Tsuki will be held on December 3, 2016. May we again impose upon you and look forward to your participation in this year’s happy event. This is a family affair for young and old alike, and we encourage you to bring your entire family along with your relatives and friends. This is one of our most fun events of the year.

Volunteers, please observe health code regulations and wear your apron, “total” hair covering and gloves.


Date Time Event
11/19 Sat 8:00AM Equipment Setup
11/30 Wed 6:30PM Wash rice
12/2 Fri 6:30PM Temple Interior Setup
12/3 Sat 7:00AM Mochi Tsuki

Here is our mochi order form for this year. Cost of the mochi is the same as last year at $4.00 per package (approximately 1 lb.) for Komochi and $7.00 for each Okasane set.
Mochi Order Form
Please forward completed forms to Tom Yamaguchi, Kho Iseda, or Billy Saeki.


  • Make all checks payable to Venice Hongwanji ABA.
  • The person ordering the mochi is responsible for delivery of their respective orders.
  • Please prepare a separate form for any orders which will be picked up by someone other than yourself, i.e., do not combine orders that are to be picked up separately on the same form.
  • Orders will be filled on a “First Come, First Served” basis as we will only have a limited amount of mochi available.
  • We cannot guarantee fulfillment of orders place just before or after the deadline date if the number of orders received matches the amount we expect to produce. All such orders will be placed on a wait list and will be fulfilled after regular orders have been processed.

Pick up Saturday, December 3, 2016 (after 2:00PM). All orders must be picked up at the temple by 6:30PM

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