Plumbing Repairs

| May 8, 2018
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Our temple has been undergoing some extensive repairs recently, forcing the closure of the temple to activities in April and May. The repairs to the plumbing necessitated the closure of the temple because trenches were dug up through the kitchen, social hall, and both restrooms. As careful as the plumbing company was, there was still quite a bit of dust kicked up and there was concern that the dust might be contaminated from the leaking sewage. The plumbing repairs ended up taking three weeks, and because of the damage to the flooring caused by the plumbing repairs, we also had to replace the flooring in the social hall, kitchen, and both restrooms, as well as conduct a thorough cleaning of both the upstairs and downstairs to lessen the chances of any health issues caused by contaminated dust and soil.

For those of you who have looked closely at our flooring in the recent past, you’ve probably seen areas where the tile has come up or the wear is showing after many years of use. In a sense, then, it is somewhat fortuitous that we’ve gone through these repairs because it gave us a chance to replace our worn flooring with something new. The new flooring is a durable, low maintenance material (wood plastic composite) that will last long and have a beautiful, wood-like appearance. The epoxy covering that will be used for the kitchen and restrooms will be durable and have a smoother texture that is easy to clean.

All major renovations, of course, incur a significant cost, and this year’s repairs and maintenance (we’re looking at fumigating in August and possibly doing some long-needed repainting as well) will take a big bite out of our building fund. We are therefore asking our members and friends if they can help offset the extra expenses that we’re incurring this year by donating to our building fund.