Keiro Grant Award

| January 19, 2018

VHBT received a generous $7,000 grant from Keiro’s Grants Program to support the tuition of a Patient Advocacy position which will enhance the quality of services provided to older adults from the community both within and around the temple.

The Grant was initiated through the Senior Outreach Program with the assistance of H. Agustin Arsendiga and awarded on December 7 th , 2017. The grant check was presented by Makoto Kotani, Program Associate with Keiro, to a group including several of the Senior Outreach members as well as Agustin, his infant daughter Isidora, and Temple President Ron Gee.

Front Row: Makoto Kotani, H. Agustin Arsendiga and daughter Isidora, Mrs. Harue Ueki, Fusae Nishina. Back Row: Ron Gee, Arlene Hamashita, Tatsumi Omote, Irene Matsumura, Nori Kurashige, Alice Ogawa, Jinko Takeda

Agustin has enrolled in the UCLA Extension Patient Advocacy Certificate Program and will complete 8 courses to complete this certification. The curriculum of the Patient Advocacy Program offers training in cultural competencies, interpersonal communication skills and strategies, health care law and patient rights, insurance and healthcare finance, mediation and conflict, crisis management, and clinical bioethics.

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