Photos from 2018

BWA Memorial Service

| March 3, 2018

The VHBT BWA held its annual Kisaragi-ki (Lady Takeko Kujo Memorial), Esshinni-sama / Kakushi-sama Memorial, and VHBT Fujinkai Memorial service. Our guest speaker was Rev. Patti Usuki from the San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.

Scout Sunday

| February 4, 2018

We recognize our Cub Scout and Girl Scout troops. After service, the Scouts helped color 2019 calendars for the retirement home seniors.

Winter Pacific Seminar

| January 27, 2018

A number of VHBT members attended the Winter Pacific Seminar at Orange County Buddhist Church. The theme was The Nembutsu in the World; The World of Nembutsu, and featured two keynote speakers: Rev. Tetsuo Unno & Rev. Dr. Mark Unno. Winter Pacific Seminar Flyer

Keiro Grant Award

| January 19, 2018

VHBT received a generous $7,000 grant from Keiro’s Grants Program to support the tuition of a Patient Advocacy position which will enhance the quality of services provided to older adults from the community both within and around the temple. The Grant was initiated through the Senior Outreach Program with the assistance of H. Agustin Arsendiga… Read More »