Wisteria Award

The Wisteria Award program is adapted from a course (Introduction to Basic Jodo Shinshu) taught at Ryu-koku University Facilities in Kyoto to the students of Antioch University from 2010-2011. The intent of the course is to make tools available for participants to become conversant about Jodo Shinshu’s history and teachings.

Classes will cover the Jodo Shinshu doctrine in a quasi-academic format. The intent of the class is to convey and communicate the basics of Jodo Shinshu in an understandable format covering the foundational elements espoused by Shinran Shonin, the founder.

Traditional Buddha Dharma is covered as it relates to the Jodo Shinshu Buddha Dharma tradition.

The course covers Jodo Shinshu history in the middle ages of Japanese society, and its growth and emergence as the most prominent of the Buddhist traditions in Japan. The 8th Abbot Rennyo Shonin will also be prominently covered as the 2nd Founder of our Buddhist tradition. Many of the iconic classics of Jodo Shinshu also will be covered for content and impact.

The course covers 12 hours of instruction. Opportunities for make-up classes are offered on an ad hoc basis, based on available time and scheduling. Classes are held once per week for 2 hours. If interested, please contact Jayme Heyl.

First recipients of the Wisteria Award