Buddhist Women’s Association (aka, Fujinkai)

BWA Memorial Service

| February 7, 2019

Our BWA will be holding its annual Memorial Service for all BWA members who have passed away, in conjunction with commemoration of Lady Takeko Kujo, founder of the Buddhist Women’s Association; Eshinni-sama, wife of Shinran Shonin; and Kakushinni-sama, daughter of Shinran Shonin.  Rev. Candice Shibata of Buddhist Church of Florin will be our guest speaker.  Please… Read More »

BWA Memorial Service

| March 3, 2018

The VHBT BWA held its annual Kisaragi-ki (Lady Takeko Kujo Memorial), Esshinni-sama / Kakushi-sama Memorial, and VHBT Fujinkai Memorial service. Our guest speaker was Rev. Patti Usuki from the San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.

BWA Memorial Service Luncheon

| February 13, 2016

On Feb. 13, the VHBT BWA held it’s annual memorial service for past members, as well as a service to honor Lady Takeko Kujo (founder of the BWA), Eshinni-sama (spouse of Shinran Shonin), Kakushinni-sama (daugher of Eshinni-sama and Shinran). The BWA prepared a chirashi luncheon, and delivered lunches to the Keiro members who could not… Read More »

2016 Board Installations

| January 9, 2016

The officers for the temple board, Adult Buddhist Association, and Buddhist Women’s Association, were installed last night. From 2016 Board Installations. Posted by Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple on 1/09/2016 (8 items) ABA Board is installed 2016 ABA Board Buddhist Women’s Association board is installed 2016 Buddhist Women’s Association board Temple board is installed Temple board… Read More »

Fujinkai Obon T-Shirt Sale

| June 7, 2015

The Obon Dancer in Training shirt has been a hit over the past couple of obon seasons. Order your own for this year’s obon. Available in black or red, and men’s round-neck & women’s v-neck sizes for $20 plus shipping & handling (USPS). To order, please fill out this order form and send to Roseann… Read More »

Soba Prep

| December 30, 2014

Members of the VHBT Buddhist Women’s Buddhist Association prepare soba for the Joya-e (Year End) Service. From Soba Prep. Posted by Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple on 1/11/2015 (6 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2