2014 Venice Buddhist Film Festival: Behold a Pale Horse

| February 16, 2014

The second film in the series was shown today at 1 PM. A film that follows the Spanish Civil War Veteran, Manuel Artiquez (Gregory Peck). Richard Modiano again was our host for the event. This film is about exiles, here Manuel Artiquez is exiled to France after the Franco Regime wins the war. The story is less engaging than “Sansho Dayu (the Bailiff)” in that most of us were not as emotionally engaged in the film. This film does not evoke the strong sentiment of the first film, however, this film elicited a greater response in discussion. I suspect the last film left many of us (emotionally) exhausted, whereas this one allowed us to savor the details, thus more ideas and thoughts were exchanged. The film was powerful, but did not come off as an anti-violence film. Both films were enjoyable to watch in the company of friends, and the sharing of thoughts and ideas culminating in a wonderful learning experience. Gasshou

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