2020 Obon Festival

| July 20, 2020

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General Info

Thanks to everyone for making our “Virtual” Obon Festival a huge success in celebrating our 60th anniversary this year!

There’s still time to order merchandise, sign up for the Virtual Obon Odori Workshop on July 26th, and register for the Virtual Obon Dance on August 15th.

Obon Sponsors

We express our gratitude and appreciation to the individuals, families and businesses who are sponsors of the 2020 Obon Commemoration.

$1,500 Sponsorships

  • In Memory of George Ta-Min and Tsui Lin Chan Ching
  • In Memory of Chikao & Mary Kujubu and Dino & Colleen Belli
  • In Memory of Minoru and Betty M. Hisashima
  • In Memory of Butch and Reva Hisashima
  • In Memory of Kaz & Yuri Masuda and Tom & Masako Saeki
  • In Memory of Sadamu Ueki
  • Fusae Nishina and Merle & Gail Sharp Family

$1,000 Sponsorships

  • In Memory of Ray Enomoto
  • In Memory of Nancy Nakagiri and Mie Ino
  • In Memory of Setsuji & Masuyo Nakao
  • In Memory of Jane (Kishimoto) Oishi
  • In Memory of Kaz Uematsu
  • In Memory of Mitsuko Yamamoto
  • Eugene and Phyllis Hayashibara
  • Leonard and Gwen Imada
  • Calvin Ito & Sharyn Yoshimi
  • Milnes and Noriko Kurashige
  • Carey & Vicki Tokirio and Family

$500 Sponsorships

  • In Honor of Aunty Massie Uyeda
  • In Memory of Mitsugi and Hisaye Nakagiri
  • In Memory of Arlene T. Hamashita
  • In Memory of Mie Ino
  • In Memory of Kho Iseda
  • In Memory of Kikumoto, Miya, Kondo, + Quon Families
  • In Memory of Shigeo Kita
  • In Memory of Mike and Aiko Kusaba
  • In Memory of James & Akimi Mayeda
  • In Memory of Donna Nakagiri
  • In Memory of Todd, Ron & Naomi Joy Nishina
  • In Memory of Gram & Lillian Noriyuki
  • In Memory of Sadao & Amy Okafuji
  • In Memory of Minoru Ozaki & Haruko Rose Tademaru
  • In Memory of George & Janet Ueda
  • In Memory of Fred & Edith Wakabayashi
  • In Memory of Kiyoshi and Miyuki Waki
  • In Memory of Kazu Fujioka & Paul T. Yamada
  • In Memory of Isao and Kiyako Yoshikawa
  • Marty and Robyn Cohen
  • Ron and Iris Gee
  • Ayako Masada
  • Emily Ching Mayeda & Grant Murata Sunoo
  • Kenyon Ching Mayeda & I-Wen Lai
  • Ken & Sue Sogabe Family
  • Randy & Mari Tamura
  • Irwin and Judy Wong
  • Anonymous

$250 Sponsorships

  • In Memory of Jim Akioka
  • In Memory of Minoru Kumagai
  • In Memory of Frank Nishina
  • In Memory of Frank Nishina
  • In Memory of Tony & Betty Shinmoto
  • In Memory of Tony & Betty Shinmoto
  • In Memory of Tony & Betty Shinmoto
  • In Memory of Curtis & Joseph Tachiki
  • Jim and Gail Kita
  • Gary and Leticia Kurashige
  • Girl Scout Troop 5325
  • Marina Cub Pack 79
  • Ichiko Sakamoto
  • Ryan Sharp
  • Steven Sharp
  • Sam & Kuniko Shimoguchi
  • Judy & Tom Yamaguchi
  • Sheryl and George Yamada
  • Sally Yamashita
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

Business Sponsors

  • Angel Maid Bakery
  • Union Bank

Opportunity Drawing

Our Opportunity Drawing has ended. Thank you for participating and congratulations to all the winners. Looking forward to your participation again next year.

Silent Auction

Our 6th annual silent auction has ended. Thank you for participating and congratulations to all the winners. Looking forward to next year where we will once again offer many great prizes for auction.

Visit www.32auctions.com/2020vhbtobon to take a look at the auction items from this year’s silent auction.

Marketplace Merchandise Sale

Our “virtual’ marketplace has the following for sale:

  • Obon Tote Bags
    These wide-bottomed bags, designed by our own Dustin Noriyuki, are available for $10 each in Red, Blue, and Natural color.
  • Obon Dancers in Training T-Shirts
    The shirts are available in a variety of sizes in men’s and women’s styles at a discounted price of $15 each.
  • “More Family Favorites” cookbook
    Our timeless cookbook is available at a very special price of just $5! Order pickup only.

To purchase any of the items, complete the Marketplace Order Form and return by mail or email. We will contact you to arrange pickup at the Temple. Shipping will be available for an additional cost – contact us for details.

Virtual Family Workshops

Join us for the first ever Obon Virtual Family Workshops hosted by Venice Hongwanji Dharma School.

  • Obon Odori
    July 26th (11:00-12:00)
    Learn/review some of our favorite Obon dances and their meanings.

RSVP: Fill out the google form by the Thursday before to receive the Zoom Link/Password & material list.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Our first ever Virtual Obon Scavenger Hunt was a huge success! Thanks to all the participants who made this event fun and memorable!

Virtual Obon Dance

Experience Obon Odori right in your living room!

In addition to the Obon Odori workshop mentioned above, Buddhist Churches of America will be hosting a Virtual Obon Dance on August 15th at 6pm. Join the BCA Virtual Obon Dance where Obon instructors from BCA temples will be sharing their dances.

Click here for more information and to register for the event. Space is limited so early registration is recommended.


Our Obon celebration wouldn’t be complete without the wonderful taiko drummers who grace our yagura year after year. We are missing you this summer and look forward to seeing you next year!

Claire Imada of Gardena
Jarrad Kawahara of Gardena
Mike Unno of Sun Valley
Omar DeLeon
Rev George Matsubayashi
Bob Ishikawa of Venice
Hiroshi Ishikawa of Venice
Patty Heyl of Venice
Jill Hopfield of Venice
Kayla Ueda of Venice
Aileen Hongo of Venice

Thank You to Our Opportunity Drawing and Silent Auction Donors

Aquarium of the Pacific
Aya Masada
Baba's Lawn Mower Shop
Barbara Fukuji
Brewyard Beer Company
California Hotel
Carey Tokirio
Cindy Ho
Dinah's Family Restaurant
Donna Shinozaki and Linda Akioka
Girl Scout Troup 5325
Glenn Ishikawa
Halper Fine Art
Harajuku Taproom
In-N-Out Burgers
Janis Toya
Jerry Iseda
Joan Nakagiri
Joan, Jon, Justin Ito
John Cohn
John Tsuruta
Joyce Enomoto
Judd Matsunaga
Julia Ueda
Kaylee Nguyen
Kenya Bovey
Malibu Wine Hikes
Mitchell Ida
Noe Yamabe
Norene Shinozaki
Norman and Yoshie Tachiki
Oriental Trading
Pacific Battleship Center - Battleship IOWA Museum
Pacific Park
Paco's Tacos
Patty Shinozaki
Peter and Sandra Bovey
Rev. Kory Quon
Rev. Ray Fukumoto
Ron Wakabayashi
Roseann Yoshida
Sandy Saeki
Scott Hada
Tammy Ito
The Broad
The Huntington
Tom Yamaguchi
Tommy Nakagiri
Total Wine & More
UCLA Athletics
Venice Hongwanji Adult Buddhist Association
Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Women's Association
Venice Hongwanji Dharma School

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